Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a list of generic facts about myself because I'm sleepy and boring

It's already eleven thirty and I am just getting to the computer, coming directly from showering away the six hours I spent at Cracker Barrel tonight. I also worked my other job this morning and had an appointment and a lot of laundry to do inbetween, so although I know that it's not really that much, I'm lazy, and I'm exhausted, so I don't have much for ya tonight. I decided to take one of the suggestions from a book that a friend bought me at my last birthday called Listography which is exactly what it sounds like, a journal meant to be filled with lists. They give you a new topic for your list on each page but I am going to be really dull and use the very first, and least interesting one - A list of facts about goes:
  • My birthday is on New Years Eve. This means that I was the youngest person in my graduating class, since the cut off for starting kindergarten was January 1st, and I made it by just one day. I'm always the baby of any group, and was only 17 when I started college. I complain about it, but in reality I totally love being the youngest and get really upset when I'm not. A birthday on December 31st also guarantees that you will always have epic birthday parties to attend, even if they aren't always technically for you.
  • I have a 13-year old sister, Lara, and even now in the throws of middle school induced bitchiness she is an awesome person. She is so much bolder, cooler, and more confident than I am and I love her to bits.
  • I don't eat red meat. Mostly just because I think it's gross, but also because I love animals and try to live as cruelty free as possible. It's hard though, because of my strong affinities toward chicken fingers and leather boots.
  • There is a land called Passive Aggressiva and I am their Queen. (working on it.)
  • I could eat cereal at every meal.
  • I have a tumblr account which I mostly use to spew angst and try to get John Mayer to reblog me.*
  • I am the friendliest drunk you have ever met.
  • My hometown is the teen pregnancy capitol of Massachusetts (most knocked up teens per capita.) Woooooooooo!
  • Number of cell phones I have lost/broken/thrown out of moving a vehicle this year: 5.
  • When I was eight years old my best friend and I took her neighbor's bike away from her and threw it  into a creek. I didn't actually have anything to do with it, the idea or the action, but I was there, and I didn't stop it, and despite the fact that it really was not THAT big of a deal, I still feel guilty about it to this day. I'm just so not a bully, at all, so this memory stands out.**
  • I am going to have to adjust the date on this entry so that it looks like it got posted on August 11th because it's totally 12:17 right now. Oops. Don't tell the BEDA powers that be on me.
listfully yours.
xo tess
*That's not all I try to get John Mayer to do to me. Wink, wink...Baahha. oh what is wrong with me...
** My friend really isn't mean either, she's just sort of a wild-child, was even moreso back then, and thought it seemed like a fun way to occupy a few minutes of our day. And by sort of a wild-child I mean that she is completely insane. But wonderful, too.

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