Monday, August 9, 2010

a list about country hospitality and friends and nail polish

Hello lovelies. So, remember that time when I was nervous about starting work, at the Cracker Barrel of all places, and all jittery over it and such? Wow, that was a lot of wasted energy. Seriously, five hours spent in that joint today tell me that it is one of the most endlessly amusing places on Earth. The employee handbook alone will give me fuel for endless hours of mockery, as well as plenty of amusing party chatter, something that the tragically social awkward (me) have to give serious consideration to. The silliness has already commenced in that department in the form of my reading aloud from the handbook as my mother cooked dinner. She tried to be patient and encourage my enthusiasm as I went through the detailed list of proper hygiene and attire at The Crack, but realized about halfway through my recitation of the four page summary of my duties as a retail clerk that I my only goal was to drive her crazy, and I promptly received a conk on the head from a piece of tomato in response. It really is the corniest place I've ever set foot in, but also, fun, and nice, and so quaint that it's kinda sweet in an only mildly offensive way. The country stylin's certainly don't suit my city girl sensibilities but the people seem nice and the work looks easy so I think I'll be all right.
  • The other newbie that went through orientation with me today was named Lea, spelled, as you can see, like Lea Michele. Which I of course noted immediately upon our being introduced. Geek.Gleek.
  • She was absolutely darling...a bit of an oversharer (I know more about her after one day than many people I've known my entire life) but friendly, cute and well intentioned.
  • I'm hanging out with two of my best friends from high school who I have not seen very much of lately. I am going to meet them at 8 and probably won't be home until after midnight (and therefore after the deadline for my BEDA post) which is the reason for this speedy blog I'm turning out right now.
  • I just filmed a video! It will be up later tonight at which point I will edit this post to include a link right - HERE!
  • Guys. They don't allow nail polish at the Cracker Barrel. This was almost going to be a BIG problem because anyone who knows me at all is aware that painting and repainting my nails is nothing short of a complusion for me, and that having to let them go naked for any extended period of time would be a particularly cruel torture (drama queen,) but fortunately the trainer today said that it was okay to bend this rule a little and wear a light colored polish, that many of the girls do so, just nothing too garish. Even this cramps my style a little because, really, I am a fan of the garish, but I can live with it.
  • I purged about forty friends from my facebook yesterday and although it was a very tedious process, it was also weirdly exhilarating. As lame as that is, and as sad of a reflection on our society, it was very freeing to truly disconnect myself from some people that I no longer want or need in my life, or from randoms that I don't know/never knew and couldn't explain the reason for our online connection in the first place.
I need to go wash my face, call a boy, and snuggle my cat  before I go out, so this is where I leave you (great book.)

listfully yours,
xoxo tess


  1. I know it's cheesy and I know it's ridiculous but... I love Cracker Barrel. I just have a lot of memories stopping at that one on the way to back to Massachusetts from family vacations. I think we even have one if those triangle puzzle games kicking around the house from when my sister's and my love for it got so intense that our parents had to buy it. Kzitchy though it may be, I think I'm going to have to drag the boyfriend to one this weekend because YOUR POSTS have awakened a long dormant, Cracky love. So thanks? And nice post, as always. :)

  2. I've done that too - the facebook purge. And I no longer accept friend requests from people who aren't, in fact, my friends. I see it as another form of honesty :)

  3. I'd just like to say that I am greatly amused by your Cracker Barrel experience. My grandfather was one of the founders, and possibly part of the reason for its cheesy, non-nail-polish-allowing ways :)