Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a list for August 4th

Hello friends! Today is almost over and I am just now getting a chance to write this blog because I've been out and about all day, and when I finally did get home my laptop would not connect to my wireless for some reason and my lovely (read: in an incredibly annoying phase) thirteen-year old sister was (and probably had been all night) hogging the desktop. I've finally managed to wrench her away, though, so here goes a quick post!
  • First of all, PROP 8 DECLARED UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! Yay! I couldn't be happier with this news, it's such an important step in the right direction. The right direction of course, being equality for ALL <3
  • On that same topic (ish,) I had something resembling an argument with the boyfriend of a friend of a friend, so basically a stranger, because he said it was "weird" that I was a straight girl who cared  so much about gay marriage, and that it probably meant I was a closeted lesbian. Now, let me just clear on thing up, I'm not offended that he suggested I could be gay. I happen not to be, but as there is nothing wrong with being gay, there's really no insult there. What DOES offend me, however, is that someone thinks that straight people should not care about whether or not gay couples are treated equally under the law and allowed to have their relationships recognized through marriage. That mindset is completely baffling to my left of left wing, come as you are, peace & love man, kumbaya, belief system, and while I know that not everyone thinks that way, and that I shouldn't expect them to, to be completely inconsiderate like that makes no sense to me. Allow me to break it down --- Equality MATTERS. In every single possible sense of the word. No one should be made to feel less than or inferior because of their race, their gender, their sexuality, or even for something as immaterial as their freaking taste in music or whatever it may be. We all deserve to be treated the same, end of story. I like men, I'm attracted to men, my only experiences of this nature were with men, but what does that really mean? So, I'm straight. Whatever. Does that change who I am as a person? Is that essential to my identity? No, not really, when you think about it closely, and neither is being gay. I'm not into labels, I think life is about being open and free and letting the world in. The only way to really experience something is to let it take a hold of you, to let it go over your body like a wave and consume you entirely, let it shake your very core, and that doesn't happen when your busy hiding away in labels and stereotypes and rules. We're all just people, people trying to make it in a difficult world, people trying to get love, and give love, and feel love, and know love. It's hard for everyone, but it makes it infinitely harder when society tries to tell someone that they way they live their life is wrong. That's what is so fundamentally wrong with laws like Prop 8, with the fact that gay marriage is not legal, with the fact that "gay marriage" even has to be discussed, or that it even needs to be a term. All love is created equal, and so all marriage should be too. This isn't me coming out or anything, the point is really just the opposite.* The point is that it's really not about being straight or gay at all, it's about acceptance. It's about changing the way we look at the world, at relationships, at gender roles, at sexuality and at marriage, and realizing that what matters is love and acceptance. Having an open heart and an open mind are the key to happiness, and they are also the key to conquering hatred and seeing Equality prevail. **
  • I ate a bowl of Special K for every meal today. I don't know why, that's just how the day went. And like half a bag of sugar free caramels. You know, like the kind they make for people with Diabetes. They're sensational and guilt-free.
  • Ramona and Beezus is an absolutely darling movie, if a slightly less energetic interpretation of the books than I would perhaps have liked, and I wholeheartedly suggest that you (assuming you are a girl, and that you're about my age, I guess, but really no matter who you are,) grab your mom or your grandma or your sister or all of them and trot off for some sugar-sweet girl time. It's cuuuuuuuute. 
  • John Mayer on Friday. John Mayer on Friday. John Mayer on Friday. The excitement in my body is increasing cell by cell and I think it will actually have reached a dangerous level by tomorrow afternoon.
  • I bought some new sandals today and they're pretty and comfy and were cheap as hell. Success.
  • I also bought four books tonight. Oops. Did I mention that I'm broke as hell? Yeeeah. But hey, they were on clearance!
  • The Hunger Games. That is all I will say at this point because I have finally submitted to the pressure from every angle and picked this series up, and I intend to dedicate an entire post to my thoughts once I've finished the second one (which will be, most likely, tonight.) But OMG.
Welp, I'm going to go paint my nails and then hit the hay. I've been incredibly sleepy all the time lately, further evidence that I really need to catch up on my ZZZs once and for all. My clock's all screwy, or something like that.

Thursday is my favorite day of the week, I hope we all have an awesome one.

listfully yours,
xoxo tess

*Okay let's be serious, I've totally lost whatever "point" I was working to explain when I started. But I hope you guys get what I was trying to say. Love doesn't discriminate so neither should we! <3
** I just wrote this freely and I'm way too tired to edit it. I am confident that it does not express what I want to say anywhere near as eloquently or effectively as I would like, but I hope the basic message gets across. Maybe I'll flesh out my feelings on this topic a bit more another time. G'night.

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