Sunday, May 23, 2010

a list of stuff I like today

These are things that have made me smile in recent days.

  • Raven Used Books, my favorite used book store, and the place where I have spent an unacceptable amount of money in the three weeks I've been home.
  • United States of Tara! Quite possibly my favorite show on TV right now. Right up there with with 30 Rock, Community, Parenthood and Friday Night Lights. (I excluded Glee from the favorite TV shows because Glee is more just an explosion of joy than a television show for me. Also excluded are LOST, because I mostly watch it on hulu anyway, and because no show can really be compared the the Olympics of craziness that is Lost. Also didn't include Real Housewives of NYC because seriously... just seriously...) But yeah, US of Tara is AWESOME and I highly recommend it to anyone who feels compelled to invest more of their time in watching serialized dramedys. The writing & acting are superb and it's just all around fantasmic. Plus Marshall is one of the cutest characters ever.
  • this shirt
  • "If I Had You" - Adam Lambert. It's a jam, goddamnit.
  • tumblr. I'm obsessed. Check mine out if you'd like.
  • The colored Christmas lights that I still have strung up on the wall above my bed.
  • Crybaby Slushies. So sour, so delicioso.
  • laying facedown across my bed with the shades up and the windows open so that the hot sun and the slightest, most perfectly pleasant breeze hit the sensitive back of my thighs. It feels fantastic.
  • My new nail polish: We'll Always Have Paris by OPI. It's purple and gorgeous.
  • This video- so so so so precious!
  • Just generally the fact that the Glee kids love eachother so much :) it makes me foolishly happy.
  • Zadie Smith and every word that she has ever written.
  • piscesinpurple She kind of epitomizes awesome.
that's about all I got for ya at the moment. we'll chat again soon.

listfully yours,
xoxo tess

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a list of my favorite Glee performances (as of yet!)

I'm a Gleek. Here we go, my favorite performances, in no particular order because, trust me, compiling this list was difficult enough.

  • I Dreamed A Dream. I can't even put into words how perfect and beautiful this was. Vocally flawless, visually gorgeous. And it was friggen IDINA MENZEL! SINGING ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! with her second coming, Lea Michele at her side. Nothing compares to that. Nothing. Lea and Idina doing Les Miz...nope, I'm still not over it.
  • Run Joey Run. Quite possibly the campiest shit I have ever seen in my life and, dear god, did I eat it right up. (tip: It really gets better and better with each subsequent viewing.) Also, Lea was hysterical in this sequence, bbygurrl wants that Emmy nomination! (I hope she gets it.)
  • Don't Rain On My Parade. Breathtaking. Can we just consider this Lea's audition to play my beloved Fanny Brice in a Funny Girl revival? And can we agree that she's got it locked up?
  • Don't Stand So Close to Me/Young Girl. Ohhhh Matt Morrison. Emma and Rachel's giddy, girly reactions to Mr. Shue's performance pretty much mimicked the one I was having as I watched at home. He's so dreamy.
  • Somebody to Love. This was just a glorious direction. I really love the group numbers because I'm just a big sap and I think all the kids singing together is super cute. Plus Finn's falsetto on the opening. Ahhhhhh
  • Keep Holding On. The group banding together to support Quinn. It's just really sweet. Also I never liked the original version of this song (avril!) yet this one is still on heavy rotation on my ipod. The power of Glee.
  • And I am Telling You I'm not Going. It was inevitable that they would have Mercedes sing this, but Amber completely killed it, so who cares if it's cliche.
  • Rose's Turn. Oh. My. God. I very nearly peed my pants when this started. Gypsy is part of my heart and soul and Kurt is perfect and Chris's voice has never sounded stronger or better, and everything about this performance was outstanding. Oh, the high kicks!!
  • My Life Would Suck Without You. Vocally, this was actually one of their worst performances. The voices sound very canned and almost kidz bop-y, but the sheer adorableness and camaraderie of the performance made it one of my favorites. I mean come on guys, they prepared that song just for Mr. Shue! That's all kinds of precious. Plus the revisiting of all their best past dance moves was excellent.
  • Gives You Hell. Rachel's complete lack of subtlety is delicious. Plus my sister and I have rewound this performance about a hundred times just to watch this priceless little stomp dance thing that Lea does at one point, and I seriously suggest that you do the same.
  • TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART. This one gets capitalized because it will be on repeat (with visuals) in my mind for probably the entire rest of my existence. Jon and Lea doing ballet on TV. I don't even know how to explain how perfect that is.
  • Hello. Groff is perfect. He and Lea should always sing together, forever. The end.
  • Maybe This Time. Simply beautiful, everything about it. Even Cheno's show off note at the end.
  • Defying Gravity. Not only did this one sound gorgeous, but the meaning that this song has for both characters is obvious and heartbreaking, and I think Lea and Chris both brought that through beautifully.
  • Jump. Basically, it just made me happy.
  • Don't Stop Believin'. Of course not list of best Glee performances would be complete without including this one. I still vidivdly recall how blown away and excited I was after seeing this in the pilot that aired last May, and how many times I listened to it over the summer in eager anticipation of the episodes to come, and, proving how great it is, it has yet to get old. This is just a really heart warmer. Glee is so cheesy and campy but there is such a sweetness and pure joy and positivity radiating throughout it. Ugh. Love!

honorable mentions: Kurt's audition Mr. Cellophane, Puck's rendition of Sweet Caroline, Rachel's On My Own which would be on the list except that I've heard Lea sing it much better (which is really saying somethiing because the Glee recording is beautiful. God is that girl talented,) and the entire Madonna episode because the whole thing just felt like one big cone bra-ed, faux British accented, Madge-ified performance, and I loved it all.

listfully yours,
xoxo tess

Saturday, May 8, 2010

a list of adorable

I like things that are adorable.
Here is a list of things that are adorable.

  • THESE! ahhh, get me these! these are spectacular.
  • In the Heights. Just the show in it's entirety. It's beautiful and sweet and it warms my heart. If you're unfamiliar with really shouldn't be.
  • Dads carrying children on their shoulders.
  • The infamous You Belong With Me video that got Kanye in all that trouble. Adorbz
  • Beanies.
  • The natural (white) colored Chucks. Adorable and very quintessentially American.
  • Penny candy stores.
  • Toddlers that wear glasses.
  • Boys that don't know how to knot their tie.
  • The Odyssey, an independent bookstore in South Hadley with a gloriously decorated children's section that makes me wish I was six again so I could appreciate it properly.
  • Hand-holding.
  • Nerdfighterlike.
  • Polka dot bikinis.
  • My cat.
  • Selena Gomez. I'm sorry, but she's my favorite Disney kid and I think she is all kinds of cute (although her music career...really shouldn't exist...). Plus she's hilarious on Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • Rain boots.
  • Humility.
  • These pillowcases
  • Those contraptions that cut your sandwich into cool shapes! I saw one at Target that would cut your sandwich into two dolphins and a little heart all in one slice. Ingenious AND adorable! *
  • And, ummm Zac Efron. The boy epitomizes adorable.

Also, am I the only one who sees pictures of Zac Efron and feels like a pedophile? I know that he's like 5 years older than me but there is just like this Disney-fied aura of cuteness and innocence surrounding him for me, which makes his hottness kind of problematic.
I hope I just made someone feel like a creep.
listfully yours,
xoxo tess

*I'm not even exaggerating my enthusiasm. I want one of those really badly.