Sunday, May 23, 2010

a list of stuff I like today

These are things that have made me smile in recent days.

  • Raven Used Books, my favorite used book store, and the place where I have spent an unacceptable amount of money in the three weeks I've been home.
  • United States of Tara! Quite possibly my favorite show on TV right now. Right up there with with 30 Rock, Community, Parenthood and Friday Night Lights. (I excluded Glee from the favorite TV shows because Glee is more just an explosion of joy than a television show for me. Also excluded are LOST, because I mostly watch it on hulu anyway, and because no show can really be compared the the Olympics of craziness that is Lost. Also didn't include Real Housewives of NYC because seriously... just seriously...) But yeah, US of Tara is AWESOME and I highly recommend it to anyone who feels compelled to invest more of their time in watching serialized dramedys. The writing & acting are superb and it's just all around fantasmic. Plus Marshall is one of the cutest characters ever.
  • this shirt
  • "If I Had You" - Adam Lambert. It's a jam, goddamnit.
  • tumblr. I'm obsessed. Check mine out if you'd like.
  • The colored Christmas lights that I still have strung up on the wall above my bed.
  • Crybaby Slushies. So sour, so delicioso.
  • laying facedown across my bed with the shades up and the windows open so that the hot sun and the slightest, most perfectly pleasant breeze hit the sensitive back of my thighs. It feels fantastic.
  • My new nail polish: We'll Always Have Paris by OPI. It's purple and gorgeous.
  • This video- so so so so precious!
  • Just generally the fact that the Glee kids love eachother so much :) it makes me foolishly happy.
  • Zadie Smith and every word that she has ever written.
  • piscesinpurple She kind of epitomizes awesome.
that's about all I got for ya at the moment. we'll chat again soon.

listfully yours,
xoxo tess

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