Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a list of things that really suck

  • toxic relationships that you can not seem to get yourself out of. (or to stop yourself from being emotionally invested in)
  • The fact that they have a snow day in my hometown today, but I still have class here =(
  • EVERYTHING about my IT & Society class. I hate it so much, I can not even express in words.
  • The fact that I am struggling, and doing rather poorly in my LITERARY STUDY class. WTH?
  • Slow metabolisms. grrr
  • Unnecessary drama. Come onnnnn, guys.
  • Wanting things but not being able to afford them. I know that I am just being whiny now but I don't care.
  • My sore throat.
  • Tonight is the fall finale of Glee =(
  • Today in general.

Something that doesn't suck is Charlie McDonnell. I've been on a "rewatch old charlieissocoollike videos and coo about how adorable he is" kick lately. fun times.

listfully yours.

xo tess

Saturday, December 5, 2009

a list of inevitable occurances

these are things that inevitably occur every year when my family goes on our great Christmas tree excursion.

  • We borrow my grampy's truck and all jam into it. This was much more acceptable when my siblings and I were small and could be easily jammed in the tiny second row of the truck cab. Nowadays, an almost eighteen year old girl , a sixteen year old boy(who is 6'2" to top if it off!), and a twelve year old girl don't really fit so comfortably. There is a lot of squirming and complaining and my brother will without fail get elbowed by both my sister and I at least three or four times.
  • Lara wants to stop for food. Well, that happens whenever we leave the house...but still.
  • Dad blasts Roger Whittaker the entire time. Mom moans and groans and talks about how cold she is. Fiddles with the heat a bit. Complains some more.
  • We visit at least five different new farms that my dad has researched...before ending up at the same one that we have gotten our tree from for the last ten years. Fun.
  • We trapse around the entire farm for hours before every member of the family picks a tree that is "just perfect."
  • We study every single one of the favorite trees ad nauseum before everyone besides my little sister agrees on one.
  • The agreed upon tree is chosen. Lara will usually cry.
  • The main event occurs. Dad and Jack attempt to cut the tree down. Cue my dad yelling at my brother to hold the tree steady while he lays underneath it with the ax, and my mom and I yelling "TIIIIMBERRR!" obnoxiously.
  • I act as commentator as Dad and Jack carry the tree to the car. They glare at me.
  • We pile into the car, and Dad works on safely sercuring the giant Blue Spruce in the back of gramp's truck. There is a lot of shuffling and shaking. The car moves around a bit.
  • Dad always hurts himself in some way. He gets into the car aggravated and swearing, shaking out a sore hand or favoring a throbbing finger.
  • We stop for hot chocolates on the way home. The best part of this routine.
  • Everyone hurries inside while dad slams the tree around in the garage. Not sure what he does, to be perfectly honest.
  • Lara whines and mopes and complains the entire ride home.
  • The lights don't work correctly. Dad slams things around. We go about our business as usual while he works/throws a temper tantrum.
  • The ornaments are put on!! Christmas Boy (dad) allows the kids to do the decorating...and then goes back and moves the ornaments to where he thinks they should be "secretly".
  • My mom stays away from the decorating (and therefore the tension), usually by washing dishes or taking pictures from the doorway.
  • Any photographing of the tree usually dissolves into photoshoots of our cat. really.
  • Everytime one of us finds a silly, glitter and yarn covered ornament that we made in primary school we run it out to show Mom. Every single year.
  • There is a grand first lighting of the tree. Everyone cheers and puts on a really excited act.
  • Each member of the family hurries off to their far corner of the house, having had quite enough family time, thank you very much.
  • Everyone is glad it's over. Very glad.
  • Mom obsessively vaccuums the entire house to rid it of any stray pine needles.

Oh boy, gotta love holiday traditions!

listfully yours.

xo tess

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a list of characteristics I envy in others

  • Confidence. I want more.
  • Natural blonde hair. I think that it's the prettiest. Especially dark gold colors or like whitewhite Scandanavian blonde. So lovely. But only if it's real.
  • Being dainty. NOTHING about me is even remotely close to being dainty. It sort of blows.
  • Being small and cute. Being small and cute is similar to being dainty but not quite the same. I am not small and cute either. Laame.
  • Musical talent. I wish I had one single ounce. Oh well.
  • Backbone. I can't stick up for myself. It's terrible.
  • A butt
  • Or boobs
  • okay, okay, BOTH
  • Not having a constant case of word vomit
  • assertiveness. There is a land called Passive Aggresiva and I am their Queen.
  • Feet that are smaller than a size 10 (edit---Okay, lately I'm a 9?? Weird.
  • Long, lovely necks.
  • Pretty hands.
  • The ability to act acceptably in social situations.
  • being put together, mature, reasonable, normal, and not a freak
  • ^i actually don't really mean this one. I like my creepy geek of a self.

I'm clearly in jealous mood today. Ughhh

listfully yours.

xo tess

Monday, November 30, 2009

a list of my favorite clothing items

  • TIGHTS! TIGHTS! TIGHTS! I love tights, preferably in obnoxious colors and ideally with dresses and boots.
  • Boots. I'm all about shoes, but boots are definitely a favorite. Boots of the knee high, distressed leather variety are my favorite.
  • Ballet flats. I'm tall, uncoordinated, and a slave to comfort, so anything with a nice flat sole is right up my alley. That being said, I think that ballet flats are the absolute most adorable footwear on the planet. I own way more pairs than I'm even willing to admit.
  • Dresses. I need more dresses in my life. I'd rather wear a dress and tights or leggings than jeans any day. I personally think that dresses make the world a happier place. I always have a sunnier outlook on world on days that I wear a dress.
  • Dark rinse skinny jeans. Dark blue jeans are superior to all other varieties. period.
  • HEADBANDS. When it comes to fashion, Blair Waldorf is not to be questioned. And the Upper East Side queen's penchant for pretty headgear is right up my alley.
  • Cardigans. A wardrobe staple. Long and in bold colors.
  • Glasses. I guess they aren't technically a clothing item but I love glasses. When I was thirteen I insisted on getting contacts because I couldn't bare the thought of having to wear my glasses everyday in high school, yet now I wear my glasses the majority of the time. And boys in glasses. UGH. kills me.
  • Beeeeaaaniiiees.
  • High waisted skirts. Classy. Pretty.
  • Tunics. With leggings.
  • Anything sparkly or bedazzled. Yep. dead serious.
  • Ribbons and flowers and bows that can be put in my hair so I can be silly and wonderful.
  • hoooooooodies <3333
  • Canvas sneakers. Chucks, keds, vans, the adorable and brightly colored ked knock off type sneaks from Urban Outfitters. Love them all.
  • Metallic silver leggings.
  • Long, ladylike winter coats. In fun colors. Like my new one. Which is green. and lovely.
  • Anything that is meant to be layered.
  • Fishnets. Yes.

listfully yours.

xo tess

Sunday, November 29, 2009

a list of random facts about my weekend in Holyoke

  • I ate too much. Ugh.
  • I didn't work out at all. Not even one measly run. Sooo, I have to be super intense about the gym this week. Yaaay!
  • I didn't see as many people as I had planned, but I'm sort of okay with it. It's not that I don't love my friends, or that I don't want to see them, but sometimes it just takes too much effort to make plans and coordinate schedules and it is a lot more fun and relaxing to just take it easy and see where your days take you.
  • I had tea at Haymarket with Melissa and Bianca tonight. It was delightful.
  • I admitted to a new crush outloud for the first time. And, so, of course, the crush-y type feelings and silliness have increased exponentially since.
  • I did a lot of laundry and dyed my hair.
  • I watched season 2 of 30 Rock. In it's entirety.
  • Marmee and I watched Bride Wars. It pretty much sucked. Anne was lovely, though.
  • My baby sister and I had at least twelve fist fights. Love ya, betch.
  • I cuddled with my kitty forever and ever and I never want to leave him. Wah.

listfully yours.

xo tess

Thursday, November 26, 2009

a list of things that I am thankful for

  • This textsfromlastnight and how much it pertains to my Thanksgiving experiences:

(315): I think thanksgiving was created so we could all be thankful that we're still alive after the night before.

Have a great thanksgiving everyone!

listfully yours.

xo tess

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a list of my thoughts about New Moon

  • Robert Pattinson is sinfully beautiful. is unreal. and unfair. and kind of wrong. But, I'm pretty okay with it anyway. Oh. My. God. I hate to be a raving fangirl but COME ON!
  • Taylor Lautner on the other hand is not sexually appealing to me, really. He is suuuuperrrr adorable and he obviously has a rocking bod but he just doesn't do it for me. Taylor is super baby-faced and I'm not into hard bodies. I don't understand how there can be any debate over who is hotter.
  • Kristen Stewart should really just never act ever ever again. Ugh.
  • I LOVE ALICE CULLEN! she is the best part of the series and Ashley Greene does an awesome job!
  • This movie was about 1000 times better than Twilight. And it still kind of sucked in a lot of ways.
  • It was very pretty looking. Great cinematography.
  • The acting on the other hand was poor, almost all around.
  • The girl who plays Bella's quasi-friend Jess was really hysterical. I don't know her name, but she was one of my favorite parts.
  • Taylor Lautner should never wear a shirt.
  • MORE CULLENS! I DEMAND MORE CULLENS! to be fair, they are barely in this book, so I understand there absence from the movie but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I mean, Emmett only as like two lines in the entire film. My boy Kellan deserves better than that. (and they are bother really funny and adorable lines, delivered well!!)
  • There were still quite a few unintentionally funny moments in this one, but it was NOTHING compared to the utter silliness of every single scene in Twilight.
  • Also, this movie had scenes that were actually meant to be comedic. And they were.
  • The wolf boys are cute. I approve.
  • Emily's scar wasn't as horrible as I imagined it to be.
  • I would have liked to have seen Leah and Seth Clearwater :(
  • The ending was kind of great I must say. Definitely excited for Eclipse.
  • Yes, I just said I was excited for Eclipse. Whatever.

listfully yours.

xo tess

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a list of reasons why I love John Mayer so much

Because of a conversation I just had with Melissa and because I am a creep, this is necessary.

  • His music reaches me on a completely different level emotionally than anything else, and always has. I feel like I completely understand the feelings that inspired him to write each song because they come through so clearly.
  • He is the most technically skilled guitar player of his generation. I say that with no knowledge or authority on guitar playing other than I listen to lots of music and I think he's the best. so there.
  • He is a college drop out who made it big at exactly what he was (pointlessly) going to college for. I like.
  • His albums have an old school vibe in that they all of the songs on each record flow together and are clearly meant for one continuous listening experience. Room for Squares is kinda like almostcheesilycute retro pop rock, then Heavier Things comes in with a moodier, literally "heavier" alt rock kinda flow to it. Continuum was all bluesy, smooth and jazzy. And now Battle Studies has a classic rock sound with this dramatic theme, a war metaphor flowing through almost every track beautifully. I'm rambling but I really love this about his music.
  • He writes all of his words and music. I love that.
  • He was a loser in high school. Join the club, bud. Aw. Aw. Awww.
  • He's a New Englander.
  • He is damn funny. And the biggest smart ass ever. I dig it.
  • His live performances. If you haven't seen one please do yourself a favor and get tickets to the Battle Studies tour. So good. So so so good.
  • Because he just wants to know what happened to his lunchbox, goddamnit! And that's precious.
  • Because of John Mayer Has a TV Show : part one part two
  • I write better essays when I listen to John as a write them, I swear.
  • He has been such an integral part of my adolescence. I spent hours laying on the floor of my old bedroom listening to Room for Squares when I was ten years old, and I've been listening ever since. The first time I saw John live was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life, and the memory of that excitement will stay with me forever.
  • He writes lyrics like these, "I can't wait to figure out what's wrong with me so I can say this is the way that I used to be."
  • And this : "I don't think I'm gonna go to L.A. anymore. I get lost on the boulevard at night. Without your voice to tell me, "I love you, take a right," the ten and the two is the loneliest sight."
  • And this: "Had a talk with my old man, said help me understand. He said turn 68, you'll renegotiate. Don't stop this train, don't for a minute change the place you're in. And don't think I couldn't ever understand, I've tried my hand. John, honestly, you'll never stop this train."
  • Because his of "Comfortable." Words can not describe how much I love this song so please look it up right now.
  • His hair is lovely. Yes, that is really one of my reasons.
  • He's 6'3". I have a well known affinity for people who are taller than me.
  • His tweets blow up my phone on a pretty constant basis and it makes me way too happy.
  • Because of tweets like this:

I am wildly in love with this man. It's embarrassing.

listfully yours.

xo tess

a list of things that are true in my life today

  • I need to go to the gym.
  • I have a lot of homework to do.
  • I want a fountain soda.
  • I have a slight headache.
  • I'm listening to Taylor Swift "Tell Me Why"
  • I haven't eaten yet today but I really want my delicious granola cereal. Like, now. Liiike, delivered to my dorm room.
  • I don't have any classes on Tuesdays :)
  • I have a loooot of stuff to do to get the room ready for break.
  • Katie is leaving me today and I am very sad about it :(
  • Now it's Jay Z "Izzo (HOVA)"
  • I'm excited to go home.
  • I miss my cat
  • And my bathtub

Have a good Tuesday everyone. Hopefully I have a very productive one. (I have to!!)

listfully yours.

xo tess

Monday, November 23, 2009

a list of things that i do not like today

  • My schedule for spring semester is potentially really messed up. Fabulous.
  • I didn't go to sleep last night, for no reason at all, and so now I am unbearably exhausted and hating myself quite a lot.
  • The boy sitting across from me in the library right now has a creeper-stache.
  • He keeps making eye contact with me...
  • The realization that I have like four papers to work on over my Thanksgiving "break"
  • My contacts were irritating me this morning. I had to go all the way back to my room to take them out and switch to my glasses. annoying.
  • Gossip Girl is a rerun tonight.
  • The iced coffee I got this morning made me feel sick.
  • The girl sitting next to me has really, really pretty hair. Grrr. jealous
  • I don't really have time to do any reading for pleasure right now. That always makes me unhappy.
  • My I.T. class starts in eleven minutes. UGH

today is not a good day. blech. i need a long nap as soon as my classes are over.

listfully yours.

xo tess

Sunday, November 22, 2009

a list of things that i find sexy

  • Reading. Specifically boys reading books that I approve of while wearing horn rimmed glasses. Specifically if those glasses make said boy look like Rivers Cuomo, who I find to be ridiculously geek chic sexy. (which is my very favorite brand of sexy)

  • Rivers Cuomo, obviously.
  • and glasses, obviously

  • Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. Yep. Hot.

  • Beyonce. She's beautiful, classy, confident, and fierce.
  • charlieissocoollike embarrassing himself on youtube

  • Mating for life

  • Trains
  • Being tall. Not to nitpick but as a 5'9" female I have a strong preference towards males who measure over 6 feet. The taller the better, I looove the lanky look.

  • Sweatervests. yes.

  • Couples that are clearly in true, passionate love. Like this. Especially like that.

  • Nerd knowledge. For unknown reasons I find it unbearably attractive to hear boys go on and on about their respective favorite comic/series/video game, whatever. It's just hot.

  • John Mayer. Gah. Yes, he is a womanizing manboy who spills way too much on Twitter, but the man literally embodies sexiness. I can't even explain....

  • Jack McCoy. OH GOD. Yes, the character that Sam Waterston plays on Law and Order. I've been in love with Jack for as long as I can remember. Passionate, intelligent, arrogant in the best possible way, a hotly righteous crusader for justice. Ugh. sexy sexy sexy sexy

  • Spring Awakening. It's sexy in a very different (and weird) way. But it's definitely sexy.
  • Gregory House. If you don't agree with this I can only suggest that you check your pulse
  • Carrie and Big's affair in season 3 of SATC. Call me immoral but I was and am waaaay into it. Delish.
  • Bo Burnham. He's funny, he's dorky, he's tall, he's from Boston. Just yum.

  • Talent. Of any sort, really. Being naturally good at something is sexy.
  • Accents. British accents are my personal favorite, but I'm not picky.
  • Witty conversation. Banter back and forth with me a bit, I'll melt.

  • I shouldn't say this but I can't help it. Smoking. I know, I know, it's awful for you and no one should do it...but. It's just sexy, okay? Whatever.
  • This scene from Grey's Anatomy:
  • When boys just smell like boy, not like any sort of cologne or product. A mix of clean laundry, soap, even a little mix of sweat....but there is more to it. Boy Smell is an indescribable and alluring scent that I would very much like to bottle. Gosh. Please, put down the Axe and just smell like a boy already, because it's delicious.
  • Also, I'm very into smell. And I love when you can smell someone on you or your clothes after you've been with them. Yum.
  • Sharing an umbrella
  • New York City
  • Blake Lively's recent Marie Claire cover. Mega hot.
  • Alan Rickman. Aghhh.
  • Messy, curly hair.
  • Jay Gatsby. errr, yeah that is all I need to say about that.
  • Eccentricities.
  • Michael Moscovitz

And this: I know a lot of people didn't care for it, and I can totally agree that it is over the top, but that's what my boy Adam does best, and I personally think that this is just Glammy being Glammy. And it's fierce.

listfully yours.

xo tess

a list of things that i've found online that I like

I spend too much time online, clearly.

listfully yours.

xo tess

a list of things that i have been obsessed with in my life

I have one of the most obsessive personalities of anyone I have ever met. I don't like things, I LOVE them in a ridiculous, overwhelming, all consuming sort of way. Like, I can't just watch a TV show, I have to know every detail about it, rewatch episodes ad naseum, and quote it in daily conversation. I can't just really like ballet flats, I have to be addicted to the point of owning over 30 pairs and regularly getting into heated debates about their merits as opposed to high heels. I can perform all of Rent by myself, practically down to the choreography. I still reread the Princess Diaries books several times a year, and identify with Mia Thermopolis more than any of the many, many, other fictional characters that I have encountered and adored over the years. Those are just a few of endless examples. It's bad. And that's how it's been all of my life. I got from 0-60 in five minutes, it's obnxious.

Here is a list of things that I have been obsessed with in my seventeen years and almost eleven months of life:
  • Friends (the show) My mom and I started watching it when I was five. I'm probably one of very few elementary schoolers whose biggest idol was Rachel Green.
  • Beauty and the Beast. I AM Belle. Don't argue the point with me.
  • cats. In an example of why I am obviously destined to be a crazy old spinster, I have been in love with cats for as long as I can remember. Due to my contsant requests for one as a little girl, my parents reluctantly agreed to get me one for my tenth birthday. I don't think they realized that that day would ever actually come. But it did. And I got my cat. His name is Stuart and he is a diva with a weight problem. I adore him.
  • Titanic. Again, Mom introduced me to this one at an early age. We saw it in theaters on my sixth birthday (the beginning of our movies and chinese food birthday tradition!) and I became completely consumed. I have easily watched this movie over 1000 times since, which, considering it's immense length means I have wasted a scary amount of my life watching a giant boat sink. This also marks the start of my Kate Winslet obsession. (I'll get to that later on)
  • Les Miserables. The first Broadway show I ever saw. This day literally changed my life. (also, it turns out that I unknowingly saw baby Nick Jonas performing as Gavroche that day)
  • Broadway. There is really nothing more to say <3
  • 7th Heaven. My consuming devotion to this show from about age 9-14 is slightly mortifying.
  • HARRY POTTER. the be all and end all of my obsessions. I can't even begin to explain. Harry is probably the most important thing thas has ever come into my life. That is not even a slightly hyperbolic statement. If you aren't a true HP fan you will never be able to understand what this series means. I'm a different person today because of the impact Jo's books have had on me. I love them. I love her. I... I don't even know what to say. LOVE, pure, unadulterated L O V E
  • RENT. Was I the only 10 year old who knew all the lyrics to La Vie Boheme? Oh. Okay...
  • Abraham Lincoln. around 4th and 5th grade. I'm a big history nerd
  • Jane Austen. I read Pride and Prejudice around age 8 and fell in love. I raced my way through the rest of her novels in record time, and have reread them all several times. They will always hold a special place in my heart. Jane is the loveliest writer. I'm a much better writer today for having read her work.
  • The O.C. This was middle school. It was also pure insanity.
  • John Mayer. His music has been the soundtrack to my adolescence. The biggest celebrity crush I will ever have. Ever. I would literally sell my first born to meet this man. Judge me, whatever.
  • The Real World. I've been watching this show fairly loyally since waaaay before I should have been allowed to watch MTV. I can name all of the seasons in order. Yeah...
  • converse high tops. The only shoes I wore in middle school.
  • The Princess Diaries Series. Thank you, Meg Cabot. That is all.
  • The Babysitters Club. Oh. My. God. I wanted to be friends with them soooo soooo soo bad. ( still do)
  • Idina Menzel. Probably my favorite human being in the world.
  • The Spice Girls. I always loved Posh, even though all she did was pout, complain, and wear little Gucci dresses. What does this say about me?
  • American Girl Dolls. My overactive imagination and American history obsession combined beautifully to make me the ideal American Girl fan. I got Molly for Christmas when I was five and was immediately entranced. I read all of her books in a month. My 40s are still my favorite decade. Coincidence? I think not.
  • World War II. I don't know.
  • Cherry Slush Puppies. I haven't had one in literally years, but I used to have to have one every single time I went to the mall.
  • Nick at Nite. Happy Days, The Brady Bunch, Leave it to Beaver, Laverne and Shirley, I Love Lucy... I happily spent my nights in the slightly silly and totally wonderful glow of classic TV.
  • Lindsay Lohan. I really, really, really, really loved her. Still do, actually. I'm pulling for the comeback. It's happening, guys.
  • Mean Girls. Simone and I spent the vast majority of the 8th grade speaking only in quotes from this movie.
  • Growing Pains. I wanted to be a Seaver so freaking bad.
  • Spring Awakening. And of course, Jonathan and Lea. They are perfect in every way BABY ANGELS!
  • Christmas. It's all my dad's fault. We're Christmas crazy.
  • Ashton Kutcher. His domination of my bedroom walls in middle school still embarrasses me.
  • Diet Coke. This a a McGeer thing. can't live without it.
  • Grey's Anatomy. I was so invested in this show, but I've since given up on it. Sad.
  • Lin Manuel Miranda. He's perfect.
  • vlogbrothers. check this out; better your life.
  • crayola crayons. I still really love these, but I'm a big creep so I really really prefer to not use them. Yes, I mean that I like to buy crayons and just have the box around looking pretty and lovely. crreeeep
  • The Kennedy Family. They just fascinate me.
  • The Great Gatsby. Jay Gatsby. My one true literary love. This book breaks my heart and then puts it back together again with its beauty. I love it, I love it. Fitzgerald is a God.
  • Sex and the City. Oh, Carrie Bradshaw, how dear you are to my heart.
  • New York City. Favorite place on earth, future home.
  • The Office. pure brilliance.
  • The 313. I love my babies.
  • Tights. I love tights, textured, patterned, solids, different colors, different thicknesses, thigh name it, I like it.
  • Mr. Drohan. My 7th grade history teacher, and the object of my stalkeresque affection.
  • Smart, funny, awesome women. Especially Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling.

so, basically I'm a freak.

listfully yours.
xo tess