Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a list of characteristics I envy in others

  • Confidence. I want more.
  • Natural blonde hair. I think that it's the prettiest. Especially dark gold colors or like whitewhite Scandanavian blonde. So lovely. But only if it's real.
  • Being dainty. NOTHING about me is even remotely close to being dainty. It sort of blows.
  • Being small and cute. Being small and cute is similar to being dainty but not quite the same. I am not small and cute either. Laame.
  • Musical talent. I wish I had one single ounce. Oh well.
  • Backbone. I can't stick up for myself. It's terrible.
  • A butt
  • Or boobs
  • okay, okay, BOTH
  • Not having a constant case of word vomit
  • assertiveness. There is a land called Passive Aggresiva and I am their Queen.
  • Feet that are smaller than a size 10 (edit---Okay, lately I'm a 9?? Weird.
  • Long, lovely necks.
  • Pretty hands.
  • The ability to act acceptably in social situations.
  • being put together, mature, reasonable, normal, and not a freak
  • ^i actually don't really mean this one. I like my creepy geek of a self.

I'm clearly in jealous mood today. Ughhh

listfully yours.

xo tess

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