Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a list of things that really suck

  • toxic relationships that you can not seem to get yourself out of. (or to stop yourself from being emotionally invested in)
  • The fact that they have a snow day in my hometown today, but I still have class here =(
  • EVERYTHING about my IT & Society class. I hate it so much, I can not even express in words.
  • The fact that I am struggling, and doing rather poorly in my LITERARY STUDY class. WTH?
  • Slow metabolisms. grrr
  • Unnecessary drama. Come onnnnn, guys.
  • Wanting things but not being able to afford them. I know that I am just being whiny now but I don't care.
  • My sore throat.
  • Tonight is the fall finale of Glee =(
  • Today in general.

Something that doesn't suck is Charlie McDonnell. I've been on a "rewatch old charlieissocoollike videos and coo about how adorable he is" kick lately. fun times.

listfully yours.

xo tess

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