Thursday, January 14, 2010

a list that sums up the last month of my life

Sooooo, I haven't posted a blog in over a month. Oops. I have no excuse other than it was a really busy month, what with finals, and moving home for break, and Christmas, and my birthday, and being home for a month and such. BUT, I'm back and school now so here is a list that sums up what has been going on in my life between when I last posted a blog and now.

  • I had my first experience with a college finals week. It wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. I will probably get struck down by lightening for saying that.
  • I had a really, really nice Christmas. I played with my cousins and ate cheesecake and didn't get into any fights with any of my relatives. And I got Gilmore Girls the complete series on DVD (along with lots of other great stuff! I'm lucky :) )
  • My brother and sister and I had a Harry Potter movie marathon. One day, six HP movies. Glorious.
  • I got to spend some much overdue time with my best friends <33
  • I watched four seasons of House in about two weeks. I am now COMPLETELY obsessed with this show. Starting off the new year by becoming addicted to yet another TV drama...good work, Tess.
  • I ate way too much and did not get to the gym often enough..ugh. Looking to turn that around now that I'm back at school.
  • Cuddled with my kitty so much.
  • Became obsessed with Jennifer Morrison (Cameron on House.) She is SO lovely!
  • Drove a lot. Drove on the highway. Scary.
  • Saw the film An Education with Alyssa, and loved it. Highly recommend it.
  • Had some boozy, messy nights that weren't as fun as they should have been.
  • Spent a lot of time at home and didn't care.
  • I did not leave the house for three days at one point...I was too busy watching House.
  • Packing my stuff to come back to school was really no better than packing it the first time. I am still, really, really useless at getting things together in any organized fashion.
  • I didn't sleep enough over break, and I have some serious dark circles cooking right now to prove it.
  • I turned eighteen on New Years Eve!
  • I had a really awesome laidback NYE night watching Glee and baking a cake with Melissa.
  • We fist pumped like champs when the ball dropped.
  • I had a cookie dough night with Alyssa and Monie like old times :)
  • I got several pairs of new shoes, all of which I love, yet have been wearing my chucks almost everyday lately.
  • I read three books at the beginning of the break, and then got bogged down in other things and didn't accomplish as much of my book list as I would have liked.
This doesn't even begin to cover the past month in it's entirety but it's time for me to go meet my friends for dinner so this will have to do. I WILL blog again soon! I'm promising myself that.

listfully yours

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