Saturday, January 16, 2010

a list that sheds light on 18 years of obsessive TV watching

I don't know anyone who loves TV as much as I do. That sounds silly, but I mean it. It's not really that I watch TV in such high quantities (I mean I do watch a lot) but it's that I have always felt like I'm more invested in my TV shows than everyone else. I have always been someone who gets attached to things easily, and who is very drawn into fictional stories. Television has always been important to me, and I don't think that is something to be embarrassed of.

This video of Michael Buckley is probably as close as I can get to explaining the way I feel about television. <333 v="ygINv-ExYcM">Friends. I was never really that into kid's shows. I watched them, and I loved them at the time, but I never developed a real lasting attachment to any of them the way I do know. I started watching Friends with my mom when I was about five years old. We watched it religiously, and as an elementary school kid I was just as consumed in the will they won't they back and forth of Rachel and Ross (<33333)>
  • Providence. This is another show my mom and I watched together when I was too young to be watching it. It was a family dramedy and I ate it up with a spoon. It was great and I have been desperately trying to find it on DVD for years. NBC, GET ON THIS!!!

  • ER. Again, mommy and I were very into this way back when. Our interest waned as the seasons went on, but I love a good ER rerun to this day, and I bawled my eyes out during the series finale. Plus, I still remember everything about the episode when Carol had the babies, right down to the pajamas I was wearing.

  • Growing Pains. I watched this show in reruns on the Disney Channel, but STILL, I loved it so much

  • Saturday Night Live. I've been really into SNL since I was very young. I worship entirely at the altar of Lorne Michaels. I wanted (still want) to be a writer for the show someday. I used to make my friends reenact the skits, and of course I was in charge. Weekend Update has always been my favorite (I have special affinity for the Fey/Fallon Weekend Update era because they were on 2000-2004, which was the height of my obsession. Plus they're both fantastic.) I just think the very idea of it is so clever, serving up ridiculous (but real) news stories for comedy. Genius. I had the weirdo hobby writing my own Weekend Updates sketches. I would take magazines or newspapers and go through finding articles that I thought could be turned into comedy and then I would write them out, and perform them for an audience one in my bedroom. I was a cool kid.

  • Boy Meets World. COME ON! I grew up with Cory Matthews & co (they were a little ahead of me but still) and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just have so much nostalgic love for this show. and for dreamy Jack Hunter.

  • Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. Who DOESN'T love Sabrina? That's what I wanna know.

  • 7th Heaven. I'm not what you would call religious, but man did I want this family to adopt me. This show died a long, painful death towards the end, but the first half or so of the series was pure schmaltzy, family TV gold. I can imagine watching this on DVD with my kids someday and having us all enjoy it. Is that weird? probably.

  • Gilmore Girls. probably the show that holds the biggest place in my heart. I just adore it more than anything. Lorelai Gilmore is one of the first TV characters that I really connected to and saw myself in (I know she's the mom and I was like 12 when I was watching, but still) and I love the snappy, hyper-literate dialog. It's just good ol' fashion fun. Sweet, charming, quirky, full of heart. That's the best way I can describe GG.

  • Dawson's Creek. Oh my godddddddddddd. That's all I have to say! Actually, no, it's not...I can also say, JOEY & PACEY FOREVER! <33>
  • The OC. Season one is TV dramedy gold. After that it was kinda mehh, but the charm of the Cohen family, Adam Brody's dorky cuteness, and the precious romance between Seth and Summer kept me hooked.

  • One Tree Hill. Um. I was like 14. That's my only explanation for this obsession.

  • Grey's Anatomy. It was really REALLY good back in the day. SERIOUSLY! (that's a bit of an inside joke for any fellow grey's fans)

  • The Office. Pure L O V E, in every single way.

  • 30 Rock. I worship Tina Fey. That's all I have to say about that.

  • Friday Night Lights. Brilliantly written, acted, and produced. It's just good. Purely good.
  • U.S of Tara. I have the biggest "career crush" on Diablo Cody. I was iffy about the uber trendy Juno, but this series that she created and writes is beyond phenomenal. (and Jennifer's Body was AWESOME!) Big, BIG props to Toni Collete for essentially playing five different characters, and doing them all fabulously.

  • Glee. Glee is my newest baby. A fluffy confection of saccharine soaked delight with just the right amount of snark and wit to keep things from getting too cuddly. Plus there's singing. And Broadway babies making it big on TV! awww, warms my little heart.

  • listfully yours,
    xo tess

    I JUST STARTED WATCHING LOST! OH MY GOD!!!! CAPS LOCK IS SO SO SO APPROPRIATE FOR THIS STATEMENT BECAUSE IT IS PROBABLY THE BEST SHOW THAT I HAVE EVER EVER WATCHED. I love it so much. so so so so so so much. I can't even put into words right now because I'm blown away. I'm only about halfway through the second season (out of six) but I'm already completely addicted to it. It's just...beyond fantastic. GO WATCH RIGHT NOW! omg.

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