Monday, January 25, 2010

a list of TV shows I intend to watch someday

I’m a huge tube head. I watch way more TV than I need to or should, and yet I always feel like I am missing out on a bunch of other great shows because they conflict with my the ones that I have already committed myself to watching, or because I was too young to watch while it was still on TV, or because I didn’t develop an interest until I was too many seasons behind to catch up, or sometimes because it just took me awhile to come around and embrace all they hype. I’ve seen a few episodes of some of these shows, and never even a second of others, but they are all programs that I would like to watch in their entirety someday…crazy TV on DVD binge-marathon style, of course.

The Sopranos
Ugly Betty - I've seen a few random episodes and decided that it was very possibly the cutest show on television, and right up my alley, but I just haven't ever been able to get in the habit of watching. I'm a Daniel and Betty shipper, though, just from what I've seen :)
True Blood (this one I would like to catch up on ASAP so that I can start watching in real time!)
Mad Men
Lost- Lately I have been really, really, REALLY wanting to start watching this, but I’m going to wait until I have lots of free time to watch it rapid fire (I’ve been told that will be preferable.) Probably this summer.
Chuck- Zachary Levi is just so cute. That is really my only interest in this show.
How I Met Your Mother
Ally McBeal -I’ve seen quite a bit of this one and really, really love it, but I definitely need to do a full Ally-immersion at some point.
Private Practice -huge Grey’s fan (well not so much lately, but still…) and I LOVE Addie, but I just never got around to watching this.
Arrested Development
Freaks and Geeks
My So Called Life
Doctor Who/Torchwood – because you can never be too nerdy.

There are probably more but this list will do for now. If you watch any of these shows, make a case for why I should start watching it sooner as opposed to later. Likewise, if you have any other awesome shows to suggest, have at it. (Yes, I realize NO ONE is reading this, and therefore my interrogative tone is pointless. It's fine.)

listfully yours,

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