Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a list of ways in which I am spending my time as of late

I've been anything but productive lately.
These are the pursuits towards which the vast majority of my time has gone lately.

  • Whatthebuck videos. I have watched so, so, SO many of Michael Buckley's fantastic youtube videos lately, it's really becoming an issue. Several of hours each day have been dedicated to watching and rewatching his hysterical pop culture commentaries over the past few weeks. If you have never watched him before, go check it out right now-- He's fabulous, and I mean, it's not that I consider watching these videos a waste of time, but it might be good for me to apportion my time just a little more responsibly, you know, considering I am in school and all...
  • 30 Rock! Have I mentioned my love for 30 Rock before? I mean.. have I? Have I discussed how Tina Fey is my idol and every single word that she writes is comedic gold, and that 30 Rock makes my little GOOD comedy hungry nerdy heart swell with joy? Have I mentioned this? Well, anyway, I like the show. It's wonderful. It's perfect. It should stay on the air forever. I basically am Liz Lemon, only without the awesome job and without Alec Baldwin to point out when I have crossed over from endearingly desheveled to a straight up mess. Also I have not dated Jon Hamm (yet.) I have season 2 on DVD here with me at school and I have spent quite a bit of time in the library watching it on my laptop (because I have that longggg break from 10:20-2:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, no class until 2:30 on Thursdays, and various other weird hiccups in my schedule that leave me with random free hours.)
  • Painting my nails. I have repainted my nails everyday for the past week or so. It's kind of gross, I don't know what my problem is.
  • Reading. I'm actually happy about this one. I haven't really been doing THAT much reading but I did finish the book that my mom bought me for my birthday, The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton, which was cute. It's a female friendship type book, very enjoyable, but the back cover boasted, "Move over Ya-Yas" and as a massive YaYa series fan I can testify that it did not come close to fulfilling that statement. I'm now reading Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams, which is a collection of short stories, prose, and diary excerpts from Sylvia Plath and I'm only two stories in but it is PHENOMENAL (as would be expected, but still!) and a book called The Best of Everything by Rona Jafe which I am also only ust starting but it's set in New York City in the 1950s and focuses on five girls working together at a publishing company. Apparently I'm very into girly friendship books lately, I dunno. I'm enjoying it so far. AND I picked up Candy Girl, Diablo Cody's memoir on a whim a few weeks ago and then never started it, but I opened it last night and ended up reading about half of it in that one sitting. It's fantastic. She's fantastic. I thought Juno was overwritten and a little too quippy, but still clever, but Diablo (her real name is Brook Busey and I wish she'd go by that because I prefer it to her pen name, but that's irrelevant) also writes the AMAZINGAMAZING showtime series United States of Tara, wrote, directed, and co-produced the black horror comedy Jennifer's Body that I thought was insanely funny and awesome and am basically obsessed with, and writes an awesome column in Entertainment Weekly. Basically, she's rad, and I admire her lots. On top of this I am still working my way through my movie critics book (American Movie Critics: An Anthology from the Silents until Now) and still loving it, I just can't go through it too fast, or I feel like I didn't get much out of what I read, and end up going back. I've been doing it one or two criticisms at time and enjoying it a lot. I also recently bought Jon Stewart's America the Book: A citizen's Guide to Democracy. I'm embarrassed that I had never read it before, and will be getting to it very soon. It's been a good month for reading.
  • Starting blogs but not finishing them. I have a whole bunch of half done ones queued up waiting to be finished and published. It'll happen eventually...
  • Seeing lots of movies!!! I've recently seen lots of the Oscar contenders (The Hurt Locker is my very favorite of this season, and the most moving and well made piece of cinema I've seen in years. It's out on DVD now, please rent it.) which, of course, I'm loving. My friend Alyssa and I will be seeing two or three more while I'm home for the weekend. Probably, Crazy Heart, A Single Man, and maybe The Young Victoria. Excitedexcitedexcited. I intend to write a blog talking about my favorites and just various Oscar related stuff before the actual event but I can't guarantee that that will really happen.
  • Missing my friends from home a LOT :(
  • Loving my friends at school a LOT :)
  • Longing to cuddle with my kitttttttyyyyy
  • Writing lackluster poems for my Creative Writing class. Poetry isn't my thinggggg. I'm dying to finish this segment of the course and move on to prose.
  • Being amused by every single thing that my math professor says. He is an adorable and ridiculous man.
  • Never sleeping at night, but wanting to stay in bed all day. Damn you, abnormal sleep patterns!!
  • Working out!! We're trying to be very pro-fitness around these parts as of late, and I'm happy about it.
  • Listening to massive amounts of Lady Gaga. This isn't new, but it has gotten a bit out of hand recently.
  • Always wearing my glasses, but thinking constantly about whether or not I might want to put in my contacts. I just never get around to doing it, for various real and made up excuses.
I'm going to eat some Wheat Thins and do my homework now. Have a beautiful day!

listfully yours

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