Monday, November 30, 2009

a list of my favorite clothing items

  • TIGHTS! TIGHTS! TIGHTS! I love tights, preferably in obnoxious colors and ideally with dresses and boots.
  • Boots. I'm all about shoes, but boots are definitely a favorite. Boots of the knee high, distressed leather variety are my favorite.
  • Ballet flats. I'm tall, uncoordinated, and a slave to comfort, so anything with a nice flat sole is right up my alley. That being said, I think that ballet flats are the absolute most adorable footwear on the planet. I own way more pairs than I'm even willing to admit.
  • Dresses. I need more dresses in my life. I'd rather wear a dress and tights or leggings than jeans any day. I personally think that dresses make the world a happier place. I always have a sunnier outlook on world on days that I wear a dress.
  • Dark rinse skinny jeans. Dark blue jeans are superior to all other varieties. period.
  • HEADBANDS. When it comes to fashion, Blair Waldorf is not to be questioned. And the Upper East Side queen's penchant for pretty headgear is right up my alley.
  • Cardigans. A wardrobe staple. Long and in bold colors.
  • Glasses. I guess they aren't technically a clothing item but I love glasses. When I was thirteen I insisted on getting contacts because I couldn't bare the thought of having to wear my glasses everyday in high school, yet now I wear my glasses the majority of the time. And boys in glasses. UGH. kills me.
  • Beeeeaaaniiiees.
  • High waisted skirts. Classy. Pretty.
  • Tunics. With leggings.
  • Anything sparkly or bedazzled. Yep. dead serious.
  • Ribbons and flowers and bows that can be put in my hair so I can be silly and wonderful.
  • hoooooooodies <3333
  • Canvas sneakers. Chucks, keds, vans, the adorable and brightly colored ked knock off type sneaks from Urban Outfitters. Love them all.
  • Metallic silver leggings.
  • Long, ladylike winter coats. In fun colors. Like my new one. Which is green. and lovely.
  • Anything that is meant to be layered.
  • Fishnets. Yes.

listfully yours.

xo tess

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