Monday, November 23, 2009

a list of things that i do not like today

  • My schedule for spring semester is potentially really messed up. Fabulous.
  • I didn't go to sleep last night, for no reason at all, and so now I am unbearably exhausted and hating myself quite a lot.
  • The boy sitting across from me in the library right now has a creeper-stache.
  • He keeps making eye contact with me...
  • The realization that I have like four papers to work on over my Thanksgiving "break"
  • My contacts were irritating me this morning. I had to go all the way back to my room to take them out and switch to my glasses. annoying.
  • Gossip Girl is a rerun tonight.
  • The iced coffee I got this morning made me feel sick.
  • The girl sitting next to me has really, really pretty hair. Grrr. jealous
  • I don't really have time to do any reading for pleasure right now. That always makes me unhappy.
  • My I.T. class starts in eleven minutes. UGH

today is not a good day. blech. i need a long nap as soon as my classes are over.

listfully yours.

xo tess

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