Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a list that is really two lists


I am excited about:
  • The Ladies Figure Skating short program tonight. I geek out over skating so bad, it's just so amazing and beautiful to watch. I always end up really jealous of how wonderful they are and complaining that my mother never cared enough to put me in ice skating lessons, because if she had I would clearly be competing that the Olympic level now.
  • Melissa and I are going to see Spring Awakening at the Bushnell Center in Hartford on Thursday! I am soooo incredibly excited for this. I love this play so much, and GOD do I adore the music, and I'm thrilled to have the privilege of seeing it live.
  • Creative Writing was awesome today. Everyone actually was getting along and laughing and learning from each other the way I have been wishing we would all semester. I don't know what it was, but something just felt different today, like everyone was being more open, and I really hope that it stays this way.
  • When I finish posting this I'm going to go take a walk to return the movies I rented the other day. Sort of a weird thing to be excited about, but I have the strangest love for taking long walks by myself. It's something that I've always liked, I need time to myself to just kinda be alone with my thoughts or whatever other cheesy cliche you want to apply to it, but it is something I've done a lot more since I've been in college. I get like a physical need to just get up and go off somewhere on my own for a while. I'll probably end up getting mugged or something someday, and that will ruin it, but until then I will be going along my merry way taking lots of solitary treks around the city.
  • Watching the Oscars at home with Alyssa! this is kinda far off still, but I can't wait.
Some things that I am annoyed about:
  • Math homework. Yeeaah, about that.
  • Feeling overly attached to someone that you don't really want to have anything to do with anymore. This has been a problem in my life for awhile now, and it's getting old, but for some reason, I guess because I'm a silly teen girl, or probably for more serious, mature reasons that I don't like to dwell on, I can't quite beak the ties.
  • I can't find my nail polish remover (STILL! after a week) and it's killing me slowly.
  • Complainers. I guess I'm complaining right now by including a list of things that are annoying me as a part of this blog post, but whatever, at least I'm not droning on and on about my stupid issues to anyone and everyone who should have the misfortune of having to listen. *
  • Anyone who thinks it is appropriate to own 10 pairs of the same Victoria's Secret yoga pants. Like, what is that?**
*yes, I am a bitch. I know. Whatever.
**Speaking of Victoria's Secret, did you know that every night when they close up their stores the employees have to literally cut up into pieces with scissors any item that is considered "damaged," which can be anything from having one bead missing on a bra, to a scratch on a bottle of lotion, or a pen mark on a tshirt. I mean, they really just cut this perfectly good stuff up into tiny pieces and then throw it away. Does this happen at other retail stores? Was I the only one who didn't know about? A friend who works at a VS store mentioned this in passing the other day and I was horrified. That's such a ridiculous waste. Couldn't they sell it for a reduced price, or even better, donate the items to people who need them? Something. I don't know, maybe I'm being silly but that just really seemd so strange to me. They literally pay girls to sit in the back room and squeeze all of the lotion out of a bottle before throwing it away so that no one will be able to steal the lotion out of the trash once it's thrown away. We can't let hobo's have some freakin' Love Spell body cream? Ugh. Weird.

have a lovely evening kiddos. byebyebyeeee
(nsync referenence unintended but appreciated.)

listfully yours,
xoxo tess