Monday, February 8, 2010

a list of women I admire

These are some chicks that I like a lot.

  • Kate Winslet
Kate is beautiful and wonderful and talented and just...I have the biggest girl crush on her, I can't possibly deny it. I've loved her ever since I saw Titanic for the first time on my sixth birthday. I just think she's the most charming, sensational actress I've ever seen, as well as appearing to be a just generally fantastic human being. I love her for having been an ugly duckling who blossomed into a gorgeous and universally acclaimed actress, and for being confidently herself, not some stick thin, bleached, botoxed Hollywood mess. She's naturally beautiful and such an amazing actor and woman. I could go on and on, I just think she is fantastic!

  • J.K. Rowling
    There are no words to fully describe my love and adoration for this woman. Jo has given me the gift of Harry Potter, and for that I will always feel unbelievably indebted to her. I can not even begin to imagine my life without the HP series. I am a different person because of the beautiful world that Jo created, the stories that she shared with us, and the fandom that her books inspired. Harry Potter is a really important part of my life (I don't care one tiny bit if you think that's weird :) ) She is an amazing woman, and I admire her talent and imagination so very much.

  • Beyonce
    Beautiful, talented, classy, charming, and FIERCE. B is the total package. I just love her. I think everyone in the world should try to be a little more like Beyonce. Plus, she's married to Jay Z. That alone is admirable in my book.

  • Idina Menzel
    Idina is simply amazing. On top of being a mega talented Broadway star she is also really sweet and friendly and funny. Plus the lucky girl is married to and has an adorable baby boy with Taye Diggs (swooon.) Oh and did I mention her being a mega talented Broadway star? Did I? gahhhh, I just like to bask in the glory of her amazing singing and performing. And then on top of all that amaziness she produces quotes like this that make me think just maybe she's just a normal girl:
"Sometimes you don't know how you're going to make it through, and you need some Twizzlers."
Yes. You know it, guurl.

  • Tina Fey
    I want to be her. Like, I'm at wear her skin to my birthday party levels of creepy adoration with this woman. Is that too much? You think it's too much, right? I have been madly obsessed with her since I was about ten years old and she was just a run of the mill scrub over at SNL. Watching her rise to such huge and deserved success has been amazing, and there is no one who I have more career envy for. (Except Michael Aussiello, maybe.) Every word out of this woman's mouth and mind is perfection. AND, she's on the cover of VOGUE MAGAZINE this month. HELLO, can you say win for all the nerd girls?!?!! RIGHT?! High five?! Anyone? Okay, moving on...

  • Sylvia Plath
    Disturbed, yes, but so, so, so incredibly brilliant. I have a lot to thank this woman for, really. I don't have anything cutesy to say about Sylvia. She was talented and troubled. and I only wish she could have gotten from her own writing the same strength and courage that it's beauty gives to me.

  • Jenny Lewis
    She's just a bamf. Anyone disagree? Well, you're stupid.

  • Eleanor Roosevelt
    I have had a rather bizarre fascination with Eleanor since I was a very small child. (Did I ever mentioned that I spent the greater part of my youth completely obsessed with US History? yeah...I had a lot of friends...) She was just smart, confident, brave, and good. Just so genuinely GOOD.

  • Julia Roberts
    It would be impossible to have grown up in my house and not come away with a giant soft spot for the girl with the smile almost as big as her charm. (CORNY) My mother had me on a steady stream of all Julia's best romantic comedies before I was old enough to have any kind of opinions about love and romance beyond what I had learned in fairy tales. To me, Julia is sweet and fun and lovable, and usually a little scattered and complicated but always with the best intentions. She has become for me an extension of the many characters I have watched her play in my favorite romcom's. I'm older now and I know that she is an actress and an entirely separate entity for those fictitious women, but it doesn't change a thing. I see her on the red carpet, or in a poster for a new movie and I can't help but smile, and that means something to me.

  • Maureen Johnson
    Maureen is awesome. She writes excellent young adult novels, one of my favorite blogs, and many, many, many fantastic tweets (she is the best twitter-er. no disputes) I love her almost as much as she loves Abba.

  • Kathryn Bigelow
    Before I talk about how much of a Kathryn Bigelow fangirl I am, I want to please implore anyone who happens to see this blogpost to go out and rent The Hurt Locker because I think that it is the most important work of cinema in a very long time, on top of being of great artistic merit. It really means something, but you'll still enjoy the movie watching experience. All of that being said, I just think that Kathryn is a really awesome human. She's brilliant. She is a smart, cool, pretty lady who makes really awesome movies that I enjoy a lot such as The Weight of Water, Near Darkness, Strange Days, and obviously, the Hurt Locker. She is also kind of a mega talented visionary of a director. I liked her work a lot previous to The Hurt Locker, and all of the attention and buzz she has been getting because of this fantastic movie has only led me to see that she is even more awesome than I had realized. She is probably (fingers crossed!!) going too become the first woman to ever win an Oscar for Best Director and I will certainly cry if she does. It's just such a big moment for women in film, and as giant cinephile and nerd, I could not be happier about it.

  • My mommy. Should have listed her earlier, but I mean, it's obvious. We rarely see eye to eye (like, never) but she's a good egg. She always means well, she's generous and full of love, and I would like to be more like that.

  • Zadie Smith
    Have you heard of her? If not, go google her RIGHT NOW. Zadie is a fiercely talented young author who on top of being intimidatingly gorgeous and successful, and married to another amazing young author (Nick Laird), is also riotously cool and likable and once toured with They Might Be Giants. She wrote one of my favorite recent novels On Beauty, as well as two other excellent books (White Teeth, The Autograph Man), as well as many essays and articles. She is currently teaching fiction at NYU (read: where I need to be) and every time I think about the fact that I am not there to study under her I die a little inside. Sigh. (stop being a drama queen)

I had more women in mind to list here but now I am so wrapped up in thinking about how wonderful Zadie Smith is that I may just have to leave it at that and go read something of hers. Stupid one track mind, you can't even let me stay on task enough to finish an entry in my own blog.

listfully yours,
xoxo tess

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