Friday, February 26, 2010

a list about Spring Awakening

So I saw Spring Awakening at the Bushnell in Hartford last night and, of course, it was incredible. I was genuinely blown away, I thought it was one of the very best productions of the show that I've seen, and of course getting to see my beloved Andy Mientus didn't hurt. This post isn't really going to be about my (amazing) experience last night, though, because it's not like my love for Spring Awakening is any new thing. I have been a raging SA fangirl, a "Guilty One" if you will, for years now, and here are some reasons why.

  • The score is so breathtaking. Maybe the dark, moody themes aren't your thing, or the rock musical style just doesn't suit your tastes, but anyone who could listen to the score of Spring Awakening and find it to be anything less than gorgeous has a serious problem.
  • I love musical theater A LOT, and I have loads of favorites, but Spring Awakening just really strikes me in a way that nothing ever has before. I don't know why exactly, but I guess it probably has a lot to do with the fact that it arrived on Broadway when I was in the perfect demographic for it.
  • I am obsessed with Jonathan Groff (the original Broadway Melchior) . He is adorable and an amazingly gifted performer. Not only do I love his voice, but even more than that I love the passion and energy that he sings with. You can always see the emotions of the song right on his face and it's usually heartbreaking. Also did I mention that he is adorable? OHMYGOD. like, really, and it's not even a crush, I'm just completely in love with him. I know that he's gay, and that's totally fine. (also OMG he and Gavin Creel dating is probably the best thing that could ever occur. gay Broadway power couple, yesss) I just. ugh, I can't even put his preciousness into words. He is also flawlessly sweet. I've met him and he was absolutely perfect, and anyone else who has met him says the same thing. He is so incredibly nice! Just a genuinely nice person that makes you feel like you are the only person in the room whenever he is talking to you. (to paraphrase his "Taking Woodstock" costar Demitri Martin, who hit the nail right on the head) He is too lovely, and I am going to make this statement right now: when the new episodes of Glee with Jon as a costar premiere everyone and their mother is going to fall in love with him. Guaranteed. But I loved him first.
  • Lea Michele has the voice of an angel. Like, it's not even human. But her acting often left something to be desired...and some of the Wendla's that followed her were actually the girl I saw last night. She was fantastic. It kind of pains me to say it because I looove me some Lea, and I am not at all about to jump on the "hate on Lea now that she's becoming a mainstream success" bandwagon that a lot of other Broadway fans are. I adore Lea and she will always be Wendla in my heart (I am a huge OBC purist) buttt, Christy is really great too. (and so was Krysta Rodriguez. REALLY GOOD. maybe the best. okay there, I said it)
  • And also on that note, Krysta Rodriguez (who was an Original swing, and understudied all the female parts SUPERBLY) is one of my favorite people ever. I saw her in A Chorus Line and almost peed in my pants. She is so fantastic, and I can't wait to see her Wednesday Addams when The Addams Family opens on Broadway.
  • It just moves me. I am not feel particularly eloquent right now and so I don't have anything else to say really.
  • The music isn't typical showtune-style by any means. As a huge broadway fan, I have no problem with showtunes, but for then many, many people who do not like the campy nature of the genre, Spring Awakening offers a change. It's indie rock. Really. A classic play set to indie rock music. And it's fantastic.
  • Steffi D, who was apparently a runner up on Canadian Idol played Ilse in the production I saw last night and she was beyond incredible. God does she have a powerful voice. I really liked her haircut too, she's gorgeous.
  • HANSCHEN HANSCHEN HANSCHEN. He is my favorite character in the entire play, so I have a strong opinion on every actor that has ever taken on the role, and as much as I adore the original, Jonny B Wright, I am OBSESSED with Andy Mientus. He's so so so so good. He just GETS Hanschen. And what a voice! He's just so powerful on stage and I love him. He is also really freakin' cute and very nice :)
  • Also. the. vineyard. scene. Gahhhhhhhhhhh
  • Because rape was never this hot! Kidding, kidding.
  • No one ever told me that Jake Epstein (the kid from Degrassi) was megatalented and really really wonderful. He is, though.
  • "Melchi Gabor...he's such a RADICAL!" best line ever.
  • also, "And so you should" is the best reply when someone says they love you as
  • Because My Junk describes the feeling of having a crush better than anything else I have encountered. And because Hanschen jerks of on stage during it. Rhythmically.
  • Yes, it is melodramatic and dark, but HELLO, so is being 14. Anyone who thinks that this shows macabre view on puberty is over the top clearly has forgotten what their own sexual awakening felt like. Or maybe they haven't had it yet?
  • Those You've Known kills me. Killlllssss meeeee.
  • All shall know the wonder of purple summer <3>

There is a very good chance that none of this will make sense to anyone, let alone anyone who isn't an SA fan, but oh well, I'm too lazy to reread it.

listfully yours,
xoxo tess

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