Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a list of ways I intend to make tomorrow productive

I spent most of today curled under my covers alternately watching episode after episode of LOST and napping, and as enjoyable as it was, it's left me feeling utterly lazy and useless as I wind down to go to bed for the night (isn't it weird to get in bed to go to sleep when you've basically been in bed all day? it always weirds me out) In order to snap myself out of this lethargic funk, I am planning on tomorrow being a very productive day for myself. This is a risky thing to do, since I will feel like even more of a disgusting excuse for a human if I do not succeed in being useful tomorrow, but it's a risk I am willing to take. Here's my Thursday plan:

  • Wake up at eight thirty. Well, actually I just want my alarm to wake me up at eight thirty, and then I will proceed to laze around until about nine, at which point I will get up.
  • GO TO THE GYM. I am vile and nasty and should move into the gym. If I had an readers, I would ask them to leave rude comments that will motivate me to work out more but... I guess that's not gonna work.
  • Eat breakfast. This should happen around ten thirty AM.
  • Go back to the room, shower, get my computer and my book, notebook & folder for Creative Writing.
  • Head to the library.
  • Hide out in my little sneaky nook and glare sinisterly at anyone who dares to try and sit near me. (this portion of the plan is optional, but I'd like to carry it out.)
  • Finish my Bertuccis application and send it out. I don't even want to work there at all, I've had my fill of being a restaurant employee, but I'm brrrroke and any job is better than none.
  • Do my Creative Writing homework. I have to write two more poems. Mehhhh
  • Go to Creative Writing. Be witty and charming and say smart things.
  • Dinner. Yumz. Use someone's phone to call my mommy. (/find payphone earlier in the day?)
  • Back to the room, LAUNDRY TIME. yucky, but necessary.
  • Check up on youtube for Joe and Hayley's Thursday videos.
  • NBC comedy Thursdays! Yay! I don't know who's going out tomorrow night and who isn't at this point, but regardless, I'm staying in. I've been really tired lately, and I really just want to focus on laying low and getting all my work done for school. (plus I kind of get the feeling I've been tragic ;) )
  • Read for history!
  • Bed at a reasonable hour...okay probably after some LOST, so maybe not hat reasonable but we'll see.

I promise to report back on the success to failure ratio of my day.

Good luck with any Thursday plans of your own!

listfully yours,
xo tess

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