Monday, February 22, 2010

a list of ways to waste a perfectly good sunday

I woke up early this morning, well, early for a Sunday, and had so much hope for the day...
and then I sat in bed watching old 5awesomegays videos for a good two hours and suddenly it was almost noon. After a groggy brunch with Katie I returned to my cave and made a detailed To-do list for my day. The fact that I only accomplished one item on the list should be ignored for the sake of my dignity. Ugh. I am an embarrassment.

  • I gave so many hours of my life to watching the Kardashian family on television today that it should actually be a criminal offense.
  • I ate three huge bowls of Special K for dinner, fully aware of the fact that the "special K diet" is not effective when you are eating about eight times the recommended portion.
  • I glanced at my Persuasive Writing homework, pondered doing it, and then moaned dramatically, dropped the books onto the floor and curled up under my comforter.
  • Finished off the bag of Cool Ranch Doritos that my sister and I bought when she slept over at school the other day. Felt gross. Drank a lot of diet coke. Still felt gross.
  • Spent way too much time facebook creeping like a pro. What else is effing new?
  • Skyped with some cuties. That was the only time of my day that was well spent.
  • I read through entirely too many of those 25 greatest/worst/craziest/dumbest etc. countdowns on the Entertainment Weekly website. As much as I love those things I am well aware of how much time they merit in any given day, and I over did it.
  • Didn't go to the gym.
  • Didn't dye my hair.
  • Couldn't even be bothered to repaint my toe nails. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?
  • Basically I felt useless and gross and lazy all day and I hate it. And I feel like this is becoming something of a pattern in my life, which is not going to work. I need to change things up...I say that a lot but it needs to actually be true one of these days. Is this a college thing or is it just me?
  • I also watched Ice Dancing. That was fun but Tanith Belbin is too skinny and pretty. It hurt my soul today.

Yuck. Welp, I am cleansing myself of this day and going to sleep. Tomorrow will be better.

I hope you made better use of your day today than I did.

listfully yours,
xoxo tess

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