Monday, April 12, 2010

a list of summer goals

I have some aspirations for this summer:
  • run 4 miles, 4 times per week.
  • reread the Harry Potter series again from start to finish.
  • see Next to Normal on Broadway
  • figure out some shizzzz
  • see Germ, Katie, and Sara A LOT. sisterhood of the traveling bracelet <3>
  • spend a significant amount of time in my backyard with my sister, on the trampoline and in the pool, listening to Glee and eating popsicles.
  • write more, write more, write more.
  • skinny dip, just 'cause.
  • do lots of fun things with my favorite people, who I've been missing lots and lots all year long.
  • plan my next trip to visit Megs in London.
  • eat large quantities of watermelon
  • take my dog on extravagantly long walks
  • be more open and honest
  • watch the last season of Ugly Betty
  • get a new job (one that I actually like would be excellent)
  • get my rook pierced
  • have lots of fun (generic, but I really want to make sure this happens. sick of wasting time)
  • meet Jonathan Groff again. I just feel like it's about time we were reunited.
  • go to lots of concerts/shows!
  • spend a lot of time out in the sun (with sunscreen)
  • do well in my science course that I'll be taking.
  • spend less time on the computer
  • be adventurous

I'm looking forward to an excellent summer, I hope you are too.

listfully yours,
xoxo tess

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