Thursday, April 15, 2010

a list of reasons I want to have Adam Lambert's babies

This post is going to be pointless and incoherent ( I love how I always preface my blogs with an apology for their low quality, as if anyone is going to expect any better from me.) I just spent the night with Katie and Sara eating our friend Kelly's food while she was off at the library being a good student, and waiting impatiently for Ryan Seacrest to finally shut up and bring out Adam Lambert to perform so I could basically orgasm all over the place. Too much? Sorry. I am obsessed, though. I don't really like American Idol, and until last year I had never followed a season loyally, but that all changed when I happened to pause on Fox during the early audition rounds of the show long enough to see one Mr. Lambert. I was immediately intrigued by his guyliner, immaculately coiffed hair, and awe inspiring vocals. (THOSE SCREAMS. oh my god.) I can't explain this fascination at all, because it is so NOT ME, but I was completely taken with him from that moment on, and my devotion hasn't waned at all since. I think I nearly blew out a pupil in fit of rage when he was somehow beaten by Kris Allen in the finale (Seriously, America?) but really, my man doesn't need to win AI...he's perfect already :) I'm tired, but slightly giddy from a) Adam's performance b) the fun of vehemently defending everything about Glammy to as less than convinced Sara.

  • He's dreamy.
  • He's confident.
  • He swivels those hips onstage in a way only Elvis could have rivaled.
  • because he is who he is, no pulled punches, no false pretenses. love it.
  • He can genuinely sing. REALLY sing.
  • He's really sweet and adorable in interviews.
  • He was chubby in high school.
  • Because (no offense to any lovely redheads out there!) he is a ginger boy who was smart enough to start dyeing his hair.
  • He looks better in makeup than I do.
  • Cuz boy is fiiiieeerce.
  • Because I always have crushes on gay guys. Ugh.
  • His album is outstandingly good, a perfect example of what pop music should be (If I had you, Fever, Sleepwalker, and Whataya Want from me are my very favorites!)
  • He is awesome live, and I can't wait to see him on tour this summer!!!
  • He is insanely sexy. I know I am not the only one (male or female!) who feels this way.
I dunno. I may write a blog about Glee soon, or maybe save it til after the Madonna episode, because quite frankly I was disappointed by this last episode. Jonathan Groff was every bit as superb as I knew he would be, but a lot of the plot felt contrived and boring, and I didn't even love the performances (Groff and Lea's "Hello" was beautiful, and I liked "gives you hell" but "hello, goodbye" at the end was god awful) Pick it up next week, kids. Groffykins, stay perfect.

listfully yours,
xoxo tess


  1. I unfortunately don't share your love for Lamby, but I do love your writing. So please post another blog soon. Even if it's about Glee, I'll still read it. Promise!

    <3 sara

  2. hiiii sara! you don't need to love Glammy, he's all mine anyway. and I'm working on a few different posts at the moment that will hopefully go up later today :)