Sunday, April 11, 2010

a list of my March favorites

I love making lists of things that I like because it helps me realize how truly awesome my life is, and how blessed I am, even when I really, really don't feel that way, so this is a list of things that were my favorite about/during March. I think I'll start doing this each month because it's fun.

  • LOST! I'm still catching up, it's taking longer than expected because I keeping getting bogged down in other crap but it is the most awesome show ever, and I will finish up soon.
  • this video Jonathan Groff, you will always be my favorite person in the world, and I absolutely can not wait to have you on my television, not to mention reunited with Diva Lea in a mere two days!!!!
  • Vive Pro Nutrigloss shampoo. It comes in a cute, big, pink bottle, and it makes my hair really soft and much more manageable Plus it has this really nice, clean non scenty sort of scent that I adore.
  • OPI Princesses Rule, OPI Absolutely Alice, and of course my standard Wet n Wild Wild Shine Black
  • The Departed. I watched it like five times over the month of March. It's one of my favorites anyway, but I have a sort of attachment between the film and St Patrick's Day, for the obvious reasons of it being about Boston and the Irish mob.
  • BDB Long Leggings from Urban Outfitters. They're fantastic and pretty cheap. Everyone should own a pair, or several.
  • She & Him Volume 2. Even though I think Zooey Deschanel sometimes gets a little too caught up in her own hipster cutesy-ness, she's pretty wonderful, and paired with M. Ward you really can't go wrong.
  • Parade Weekend.
  • the return of flip flop weather.
  • Nivea Kiss of Moisture chapstick. still the best, and in this "change of weather" -y month, it was a lifesaver for muh lipperz.
  • My Gilmore Girls complete series box set. I've been watching season 5 recently. Pure joy.
  • My trip to New York with my mom, baby sis, and aunt Kelley. I got to see Wicked, again.
  • getting to sit out in the grass with my friends again, finally! I love winter but I'm positively thrilled to be able to spend some time out in the sun.
  • Minute Maid Pink Lemonade
listfully yours,
xoxo tess

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