Monday, November 22, 2010

a list of insomniatic thoughts

I can't sleep and I've gotten myself into a bit of a blogging kick this weekend, which is typical of me, to post 4 blogs in one weekend when it is likely I won't post again now for a month, so here is a LIST.

  • I want to marry Matt Lewis. I've always thought he made a sensational Neville, but who knew he would also grow up to be so hot? I am so incredibly excited to see him handle Neville's big moments in the next second part of the film, I think he's going to do it really, really well. Going into part one Thursday night I had been a little sad at the prospect of not getting any Neville, and so I was very happy that they added the scene on the train. "Hey losers, he's not in here." Fantastic. I have to say that I was really pleased with that.
  • This semester of school has, admittedly, been pretty smooth sailing for me, but I am now starting to feel some real pressure and I'm not loving it. I am very much looking forward to a little break next week for Turkey Day.
  • I think I may put my NaNoWriMo novel to rest. I'm nowhere near the 50,000 (33k or so the last time I checked. Oops)word mark and I definitely am not going to hit it by November 30th, so it seems like as good a time as any to take a little break before the frustration overwhelms me. I actually really like my story so I don't want to try and force myself to finish in time for NaNoWriMo because I know myself and I know that I'll end up getting annoyed and hitting a brick wall of suck.
  • If someone ever options my blog into a film I'd like to be portrayed by Anne Hathaway.
  • My high school gym teacher Facebook chatted me the other day. Yep.
  • All he said was, "nice photo." I am not kidding.
  • I am going to be 19 in just over a month and I am still afraid of eyelash curlers.
  • I also still sleep on my Harry Potter sheets sometimes.
  • I did, sad but true story time kiddies, drunkenly vomit in my bed while I had those sheets on it once over the summer though, so I guess I've grown a bit, ay?
  • This blog is going nowhere.
  • I have recently discovered (and become entirely obsessed with) a new youtuber. She is awesome and you should go subscribe right now, but that is not my reason for mentioning her here. Tonight while catching up on her past videos I happened across one in which she mentioned that "Accio Love" by Minstry of Magic is her favorite wizard rock song...
  • which led to me watching videos like THIS
  • THIS
  • and THIS
  •  So now I've officially overdosed on cuteness and feel like an even creepier fan-girl than usual. Thanks a lot, Hannah.
  • On the note of wizard rock/ministry of magic, I had to come to terms with what a true and complete nerd I am yesterday when I saw that "Bravest Man I Ever Knew" is the fourth most listened to song on my itunes. What am I?
  • Wanna see the wrapping paper I convinced my mother to buy at Target today? Do you? Ok, ok, calm down, I will show you. (I am literally going to go downstairs now and take a photo of the paper. Hang on.)
                                                          HAPPY OWL-IDAYS! 

OWLS! PINK OWLS! IN GREEN AND BLUE HATS! ON CHRISTMAS PAPER! I am having a really hard time coming up with anything that could be better than this.

on that note, I think perhaps I will give my NaNoWriMo novel a little attention...mostly because that will probably make it a lot easier for me to fall asleep since I will do anything to avoid being productive!

listfully yours,
xo tess

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