Friday, November 19, 2010

a list detailing what I've been doing when I was not blogging

 Well, 'ello there mates.
It would be rather presumptuous of me to think that anybody has been sitting around wondering why I haven't posted in a couple months, and so I will skip straight over explanations and just give you a run down of things that I have been doing instead of blogging.
  • first of all I have been here because I've been HERE, where I fangirl over the likes of Andy Samberg and Anne Hathaway, spew Angela Chase-level angst, and post pictures of my cat.
  • obsessing over Top Chef Just Desserts.
  • buying the five-dollar tights from Target in absolutely every color under the rainbow.
  • listening to Florence and the Machine's wonderful album "Lungs" on repeat.
  • learning algebra! Seriously, we are doing the same sort of junk in the class that I broke out in hives trying to comprehend back in high school, but all of a sudden I understand it. It's the strangest thing. I've tossed it up to the fact that I have more success with male teachers, particularly adorable ones like the guy who teaches my algebra class. And I'm getting an A.
  • so much napping
  • knitting. I knit myself (well sort of. My aunt did most of it, but I'm improving) a Ravenclaw scarf, and I'm working on another purple-y looking scarf now.
  • ravaging my own bangs with children's scissors.
  • skyping for hours and hours with friends that are too far away.
  • tossing the British spelling of words in my papers for school occasionally just 'cause.
  • rereading all of the Harry Potter books again this fall in preparation for the film. I often reread all or part of the series before a new film release, and it's usually a very bad idea because then I remember and go crazy over every little detail that they leave out of the movie, but I also like to have a very clear view of the storyline in my head before going into the movies because I do find that they can sometimes really botch up the plot.*
  • buying a lot of babydoll dresses, cardigans, textured tights, beanies, boots. I've developed a uniform.
  • so much youtube.
  • making da MONIE$.
  • and spending it all on nail polish and overpriced lattes.
  • wearing tight black jeans and working my sneer of sophisticated indifference.
  • aka smoking on the steps of my school with too-deep-for-school Creative Writing/Theatre kids.
  • having staring contests with my cat.
  • waiting for someone to call and A&E over the state of my bedroom and get me on an episode of Hoarders.

*Long story short, I loved Deathly Hallows part one. I thought it was brilliantly done. I have a lot to say about it though, so I think I will save that for some point in the near future when I have more time to say everything I want to, but I would like to quickly address the fact that Jason Isaacs is incredibly sexy all of the time, as any character, and that even his Azkaban-chic Luscious Lucius Malfoy had me drooling. It goes to show what a creep I am that he and Alan Rickman are the Potter actors who I find the most attractive. (I do love Matt Lewis, though)

listfully yours
xo tess

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