Friday, March 26, 2010

a list a list a list

ummmmm I haven't written a blog in a long long time, March has kind of been a big fail for me as far as blogging (actually as far as doing anything productive,) but I do intend to do a lot better in April!! Right now I'm sitting in my bed surrounded by all the junk that I'm taking home for the weekend sipping on a bottle of Diet Coke, listening to some Gagz, and waiting for daddio to come pick me. I'm just going to spew out a quick list in however long I have before he calls saying he is outside my dorm. Ready, set, GO!

  • Last weekend was St Patrick's Day weekend in my hometown. If you are not from Holyoke you really can't understand what it's like, so I won't bother going into much detail here, but it was lotsssss of fun. I, along the majority of the city plus all the outsiders that flock to our celebration, was pretty much shnackered for a good 48 hours straight. Sunday was a mess, but a pretty fantastic one.
  • This week of school has been really kind of pointless. The whole week I just felt like I was waiting around killing time before I could go home again today.
  • The reason I am going home today is because this weekend my high school is performing this years musical, FAME. I'm so excited to see all of my little babies put on what I know will be an unbelievable show. I've never seen a high school production as amazing as what we do in Holyoke. And I know that no one really reads this, but just in case anyone happens to, I will send a special shout out to my darling darling friend Bianca Flores who is starring as Carmen in the show. She's incredibly talented and a sweet, funny, beautiful girl who is going to be a real star! I love you babydoll, I can't wait to see the show & to give you the biggest hug and kiss ever afterwards! Also my baby bro, Jack, is part of the crew for the show and they have been working extremely hard, and putting in long hours for months, so I'm really thrilled for them that there beautiful sets are going to finally be seen this weekend. They opened last night and all I have heard is absolute RAVE reviews, and I could not be prouder. Break a leg again tonight, lovelies!
  • I NEED GAGA TICKETSSSSSSSSSSSS. she will be in Boston on july 1st & 2nd and if I can't go I may literally die.
  • My dad just called and said he's five minutes away so I'm going to go.
I hope everyone (anyone) has a great weekend. hugs and kisses all around.
(unless you have herpes. then just hugs. sorry)

listfully yours,
xoxo tess

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