Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a list just because I haven't posted in a while


I'm half drunk and dead tired right now so I have very little to say, but I've really been neglecting this blog as of late (and actually the internet in general) so I just thought I would drop in and say a quick hello.

  • Sara and I have spent most of the past week being really, really, Yeah, fun is the word I'll go with. It's been real.
  • I've recently become readdicted to dunkies iced coffees. yummerz.
  • The weather has been a complete godsend for the past few days. So so so so beautiful. please don't change.
  • I have a crush. Not my normal goofy one, but a potentially real one that I actually intend to pursue.
  • My friends and I attended a sex and relationships themed comedy show tonight. The guy told us that there is no such thing as a slut. So there. Hahaha...kidding. We were by far the best (most obnoxious) members of the audience, and he loved it.
  • I need to blog more. I really love doing it (that's what she said) but I've been distracted lately.
  • I need to work out more.
  • I need to study more.
  • I'm dropping math...
  • I'm lazy...
  • I am literally about to pass out on Kelly's computer. Agghhhh
  • I want to use formspring because I'm really self indulgent and love answering survey questions, but I'm afraid that no one would ask me anything hahaa.
  • You know you grew up in Holyoke (AKA the city that is home to the largest percentage of Puerto Ricans outside of the island itself) when you're taking a multiple choice quiz, see PR as an answer, and automatically select it, without even reading the question. Ugh. Miss you, Yoke. (I got the answer wrong. Boooo. Boricua is never wrong hahaha. Oh god. what is my problem lol)
  • I'm obsessed with Jay z. irrelevant, yes, but always true.
  • I'm about to go sleep on the floor of Kelly and Sara's room for no reason other than we love slumber parties. G'night.
Much love, babies.

listfully yours,
xoxo tess

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