Saturday, July 3, 2010

a list about neglect

Okay, seriously I have seven blog drafts in the queue waiting to be finished right now. Completely unacceptable! I feel really terrible about by lack of updates in the last couple months (which, yes, I do realize is ridiculous because I have a whopping 3 followers and I'm quite confident none of you are losing any sleep waiting for me to post another dribble about my life, but still!!) I really love blogging and there's no good reason as to why I haven't been able to get anything finished and published lately aside from the simple fact that SUMMER MAKES ME LAZY. Ugh. It's a problem. I'm really not one of those like "yay lets go have summer adventures woooo!" kinds of people. I'm not opposed to summer adventures, but for the most part all I have the energy to do is lay in my air conditioned bedroom and watch marathons on Bravo. The sun makes me so lethargic, it's gross. Today however has actually been and will continue to be a busy day so all I have time for is a quick list of some things I've been up to while I was neglecting this blog.

  • I finally got a job, and then promptly quit. It's a long story, but basically I was hired to work as a canvasser (the person who rings your door bell or comes up to you on the street to ask you to sign a petition about some issue, in my case, clean water/environmental affairs.) I like to consider myself a socially concious person, and all of the people at the organization were really young, friendly, and enthusiastic, so I was excited, but after a week of basically being forced to stand in the hot sun for ten hours trying to con people out of their money, I was less impressed. I did some research and found out that the whole organization is more or less a big scam. I'm trying not to let it dirty my image of non profit orgs, but I will admit my wide eyed enthusiasm has waned a bit. Oh AND they're currently being sued for violating workers' rights laws. Yeah...over that.
  • My allergies have been INSANE this summer for some reason. Last week I had such an awful coughing fit that I sent myself into a full on asthma attack. I had to break out my inhaler for the first time since I was about twelve.
  • I'm taking a summer math class. It blows. The end.
  • My aunt bought a puppy. I named her Miley in an unironic show of appreciation for Miss Cyrus. She's cute and sassy and a little dimwitted and she has a bit of an overbite. It's a fair likeness.
  • PLANNING ANOTHER TRIP TO LONDON. maybe, kinda, I hope. fingers crossed.
  • Seeing Adam Lambert in concert was out of this world, and I mean that not only because his performance was absolutely amazing, but also because the behavior of the crowd (which was mostly scantily clad middle-aged women) was like nothing I have ever witnessed before. The whole thing was a phenomenal good time.
  • I've become a person who wears rompers. Haven't decided if I'm okay with that but it's true.
  • My cat enjoys the heat about as much as I do. We just sort of sit around pouting and trying to strike a balance between catching any possible breeze that comes our way and moving as little as we can.
  • Remarkably, despite my vampiric tendencies, I have a bit of a tan.
  • Speaking of vampires, I caught up on True Blood last month. ZOMG SO GOOD. I can't even handle it. There are no words that to do justice to the beauty that is Alexander Skarsgard.
  • Lately I've been spending money like a fiend, and all of things I don't need. For example, all of a sudden it seems I have ten pairs of sunglasses.
  • I have really missed this. I won't stay away so long again.

IT IS SO HOT RIGHT NOW. I'm gonna go sweat and complain! BYE!

listfully yours,
xoxo tess

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